Lymphatic Cleanse/Drainage Treatment

(Preoperative & Postoperative)

What Is A Lymphatic Cleanse and Drainage Treatment?

This is a advanced lymphatic massage utilizing both manual lymph drainage and Ultra Cavitation Technology. Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy (MLD or LDT) is a gentle, non-invasive bodywork technique that stimulates the flow of lymph fluid in the Lymphatic System.  The Ultra Cavitation Technology assist this process by dissolving waste. The purpose of the Lymphatic System is to transport lymph through lymph vessels, tissues and nodes filtering metabolic waste products. This process recovers important substances from the interstitial space, help regulate the fluid balance system and maintain a healthy immune system. 

Why Do I Need This Treatment?

This treatment is excellent for restoring body functions to normal, initiating a weight loss program or after antibiotic medication use.  Manual Lymph Drainage Therapy is often recommended for pre and post-op cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast enhancements, body contouring and facelifts. Ideally at least one pre-op session is advisable in order to prepare the tissue for the trauma of a surgical procedure.  MLD can then be initiated as soon as 24 hours post-op with your surgeons clearance. In a healthy individual with no medical complications, 6-12 treatments are usually adequate to assist in the healing process. MLD is excellent at relieving the discomfort of swelling and reducing bruising.  For those who wish to return to an active public life as soon as possible, he/she may opt to continue with a more aggressive regimen until swelling and bruising subside. Packages of 3 to 12 sessions are available at a reduced rate.

Extended Services

We have extensive experience in treating post operative plastic surgery procedures performed in state and abroad.  We provide extended services for those clients that have had surgeries in other states or abroad to include: drain removal, wound care and manual fluid/seroma drainage.  *All of our extended services are performed by licensed nurses or practitioners. We provide plastic surgeon referrals to area doctors who exclusively see our clientele. You have to be a client of our office before referral is made if your condition warrants physician care.


 45 minutes - $85 

45 minutes (package of 3 sessions)-$235

45 minutes (package of 6 sessions) - $450

45 minutes (package of 9 sessions) - $665

45 minutes (package of 12 sessions) - $880  


All of our post operative treatments include Arnicare Cream/Gel and Thrombocid for bruising and pain relief


Extended Services 

(performed in office by a licensed nurse)

Drain/Stitch Removal - $50

Wound/Burn Care - $65-$115 depending on severity of wound

(One time fee, $30 and up office fee until wound is healed)

Manual Fluid/Seroma Drainage - $90 initially, each session after $65

*Please note this pricing reflects cash clients ONLY. Pricing for Liens, Workman's Comp, and or insurance claims can be furnished upon request*