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Body by MBN

Achieve the body you always wanted with the assistance of our state of the art Ultrasonic Cavitation system. In combination with a sensible diet and exercise we provide accelerated results GUARANTEED!


How does it work? ultrasound technology used to destroys fat cells at such a rate and in such a quantity that fat storage is significantly reduced or eliminated. Ultrasonic therapy forces a powerful sound wave to the fat cell membranes. The fat cell membrane succumbs to the pressure, is reduced to liquid and is expelled through the body’s normal metabolic method. Once the fat cell membrane (adipose tissue) is destroyed, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are turned into protein and then changed to free fatty acids and glycerol.

What does it feel like? You will feel a deep, warm, relaxing feeling in the area being targeted. It is performed as a walk in, walk out treatment and there is no recovery period as with surgical fat removal. Ultrasound Cavitation is a painless procedure. During the treatment you will hear the characteristic whistle-like tic which is harmless. 

Who is a candidate?

It is ideal for people who are dissatisfied with an area of fatty deposits but do not want to undergo invasive surgical treatment such as liposuction.

The most problematic body areas are: abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), thighs (“saddle bags”), buttocks, inner knees, upper arm, male breasts. The treatment has immediate results and delivers further additional fat reduction within the week following the procedure.

Suitable for clients with cellulite & stubborn fat

  • Smoother firmer skin

  • Body shaping/lipo-sculpting

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Improvement of skin-metabolism

  • We want people to know exactly what to expect from an Ultrasonic Cavitation session. Let us be clear this is not a miracle device that will strip away huge layers of built up fat in a single session. Ultrasonic Cavitation  is for those who have isolated areas of extra fat that are not helped by diet and exercise. But it is perfect for a person who has no desire for surgery, and are looking for modest reductions in key problem areas.

  • If you’re a man or woman who can’t eliminate those stubborn bulges through healthy exercise and diet, and don’t want to undergo surgery (liposuction), then this non-surgical fat reduction technique may be for you; it has no downtime, no side effects and costs less.

How much does a treatment cost?

The frequency, interval and price of an ultrasound treatment greatly depends on the body area you wish to improve. Similar to other slimming techniques, Ultrasonic Cavitation is a progressive fat elimination process. In most cases to achieve maximum results, a recommended number of 10-12 treatments should be taken. We have discounts in place based on the package you choose to purchase.

4 sessions.... $315

8 sessions.... $595

12 sessions.... $900

             16 sessions.... $1,205           

Single sessions can be purchased for $115 but is not recommended

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