Signature medical massage


Pain Management Treatments

Discover why we stand alone and why MBN is simply the best. Our signature full body, aromatherapy and hot towel massages are simply undeniable. Our signature massage incorporates our specialty of relieving chronic pain, relaxes tension of the body and mind all while incorporating various techniques. Swedish, Deep tissue, Neuromuscular and reflexology techniques are all used to relieve stress and increase circulation. The use of aromatherapy in combination with your massage is a marriage made in heaven. Experience a massage that promotes natural healing, as well as restore balance to the body and mind igniting a sense of well-being.

30 min..........$70


60 min..........$95

90 min..........$140

120 min...........$185

CBD Infused Pain Management Therapy

Experience professional grade CBD (cannabidiol) . This treatment delivers three (oil, salve and sublingual) of the highest potency pain killers. Quickly restore your range of motion and regain mobility.

90 min...…..$155

Mommy To Be

(Recommended if you are in your second or third trimester)

Your body is going through day to day changes with the growing life inside of you. Now more than ever you need trained therapist who have the knowledge to treat your unanticipated physical journey you are experiencing. Our specialty trained therapist work to relieve pain associated with backaches, leg cramps, headaches, edema and sciatica. Benefits include reduced swelling and an overall feeling of relaxation.

60 min..........$95


90 min...........$140

120 min.............$185


*30 min.........$70

(Our 30 min session is an induced labor session for over due, full term expectant mothers. You have to be cleared by a medical professional. We use specialized trigger point therapy and deep foot work known to help induce labor)

Our massages include the MBN Difference (Aromatherapy, Hot Towel, and )are customized to concentrate on your specific problem areas. After you have completed your full intake with your therapist, simply choose the length of your massage and relax. Add Hot Stone Therapy to any massage for an additional $25.


*Please call to inquire about pricing for group event rates*

MBN Signature Therapy Massage