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MBN Wellness Program

Developed to provide every Mind-Body-N'Sync client with an opportunity to improve their health and wellness through therapeutic massage therapy.

Meditation by the Sea

Why is the Mind-Body-N'Sync (MBN) Wellness Program different than other memberships?

The MBN Wellness Program is a membership that grants each client the ability to choose their monthly wellness goals at a discounted rate. The payment method is simply handled through auto debit once per month. There is no long-term contract and members can opt out at any time with a 30 day notice.

The MBN Wellness Program also sets itself apart by providing personalized service to ensure the very best therapeutic experience. Clients receive customized MBN Signature Massage at a value.

Members of the Mind-Body-N'Sync Wellness Program receive these member only benefits:

  • Priority Scheduling

  • Savings on every massage

  • Gift cards at reduced rates

  • Membership only specials (sent conveniently via email)

  • Unused massage sessions roll-over

  • No obligation- All this and no long term contract

The Mind-Body-N'Sync Signature Massage is simply the best! Allow our experienced therapist to customize a true wellness plan for you.

Monthly $79 

Bi Weekly $150

Weekly $280






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